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Fundamentals Course

Before any new member can join the main stream classes they need to first complete a fundamentals course.  The purpose of the fundamentals course is to teach new members the proper mechanics of the various movements and also to introduce them to the class structure and gym ethos (work hard, can do attitude).


The main movements/lifts that will be taught in the fundamental course inlcude





Box Jumps


Push Ups


Ring Row


Knee Raise



Rack Intro


Bar Intro


Back Squat


Front Squat



Kettle Bell Swing


Kettle Bell Sumo High Pull


Barbell Rack Pull





Air Squat 


Goblet Squat


Lunge (Dumbell)


Lunge (Barbell)

Strict Press


Push Press


Wall Ball



At CrossFit Kinsale we promote Safety and Full Range of Movement when learning any new skill.  Believe it or not there is more to a box jump that simply jumping on a box, we need to ensure that we push off both feet, keep the heels in and that there is full extension of the hip at the top of the movement.  Upon completion of the fundamentals course at CrossFit Kinsale a member will be well equipped to safely and competently progress to the main stream classes

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