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What is CrossFit?


CrossFit is defined as "Constantly varied, Functional Movements performed at High Intensity". So what does this mean?  Well let us break it down


Constantly Varied

This means in CrossFit we mix it up...all the time.  One day you can be running and doing box jumps (sound simple, jumping up and down on a box, do it 20 times in a row and see how you feel), the next day you will be doing push ups and skipping (over time we move onto the more complex movements like squatting, pull ups, deadlift and much more).  the idea here is that we want to keep the body guessing, developing the ability for the body to adapt in all situations (which will carry across to your other sporting endeavours).


Functional Movements

Functional movements are as the name suggests, they are movements which we perform that allow us to function as human beings. They are multi-joint movements that make it easier and safer to perform everyday tasks.  You know when you see someone in the gym do a bicep curl, that's not a functional movement, unless you spend your day hand milking a cow.  Functional movements are natural and effective and their most important aspect is the ability to move large loads over long distances quickly.  Examples of functional movements include squats, deadlifts, push ups, pull ups, ring rows, etc.


High Intensity

Intensity in CrossFit is defined as average power (force x distance/time).  In CrossFit if you do a subscribed workout today in 9 minutes, then the next time you do that exact workout you do it in 8 minutes, then your intensity has increased.  Do more work in less time and you will get fitter faster.





CrossFit - 10 Components of Fitness

So what does it mean to be fit ?  This is open to interpretation as we might consider a 100 mtr sprinter to be extremely fit, but put him up against a marathon runner in a 10KM race and he would not stand a chance, perhaps not even finish.  CrossFit defines fitness as being competent in all 10 components of fitness (listed across).  In CrossFit we do not specialise, we aim for a total all round fitness preparing us for whatever physcial challenges life might through at us , thus achieving a holistic, all encompassing fitness.



CrossFit Fitness


- Cardio endurance

- Strength

- Stamina

- Agility

- Flexibility

- Balance

- Power

- Speed

- Co-Ordination

- Accurac

CrossFit Features


Workout of the day that changes daily, you will feel like a rockstar when you finish



A gym that trains together , stays together.  CrossFit employs class based training with a heavy emphasis on community.  We all suffer and succeed together



We want an hour of your time, 3-4 days a week to make you stronger, fitter and faster



CrossFit promotes a healthy lifestyle and nutrition is a big part of it.  Although not obligatory CrossFitters tend to eat healthier (especially when they realise it can help them achieve their training goals)


We all have different abilities and the journey is our own but in the company of others.  CrossFit provides for scalable workouts to reflect ability.  New members or those just getting back into fitness use lighter weights and/or perform less reps or different movements.  Individual intensity is the key.



Each class is led by a qualified trainer who is there to encourage and correct mechanics of movement (and maybe shout a little from time to time)



Each member will have a log book specfically designed for recording their performance in the various WOD's, Skills and Strength exercises.




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