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Frequently Asked Questions

We will try our best to cover off on any questions that you might have but if you have something that you would like to ask please email us at



How fit do I need to be to join CrossFit Kinsale?  CrossFit is for anyone of any age or fitness ability.  We have a broad spectrum of members coming from various backgrounds and age groups.  Our members vary from active sportsmen to fitness first timers, Grandfathers to minor football players, Keyboard warriors who spend their 9-5 tapping away, students and professionals.  All are welcome and individual fitness levels will be catered for through the scaling of workouts.


What if I am really out of shape? Don't worry, we hear this a lot and you will be fine.  The whole point is to start somewhere.  As mentioned above, we have members of all shapes and sizes, and we celebrate and encourage someone to take the first step.  All members have to perform a fundamentals course before they are allowed join the main posse, this will give you the opportunity , regardless of your fitness level, to get to grips with our programs and start you on the road to a fitter, stronger better you.


Does it take up a lot of time? One of the beauties of CrossFit is that the class is scheduled and compact.  There is an amount to be achieved per class that is time managed by your trainer. This is very appealing for people on tight schedules and early morning classes provide for getting training out of the way.


Why is it more expensive than a normal gym membership?  Relevant question and one we get asked quite often.  It costs approx €18 a week to join CrossFit Kinsale and for that you have access to 3 classes, each class then costing just €6.  When broken down this way we believe it represents good value to our members especially considering each class is limited to 8 members and is always supervised by a trainer.  Normal leisure centre gyms rely on people joining up then not going so they can have high memberships, at CrossFit Kinsale we want to see you in here, at least 3 times a week and if we don't we want to know you are OK.


Can I Train if I have an injury? Depends on two things, what the injury is and what is the advice of your physician.  We have had members come to us in the past with injuries and have worked with them, upon the advice of their physician to develop a program that enables them to continue to train while aiding the rehabilitation process.


Will CrossFit make me bulky?  This tends to be asked more by ladies and the answer is no. You can adjust your dietary intake should you wish to pack on more muscle but our goal is to be fast, mobile and strong, bulk gets in the way. 


What can I expect in my first class?  In your first class we will do a general assesment of your mobility and teach you some of the basic movements to check your mechanics (form) and advise of any corrections that are necessary.  All new members have to partake in a fundamentals class for a prescribed period of time to ensure sound movement mechanics before moving into mainstream classes.


What do I need to bring with me to a class?  Normal Gym gear - shorts, trainers, training top and water because your going to get thirsty.


Do you have changing facilities?  Yes we have changing rooms and showers.


Do you provide Personal Training?  Yes, personal training arrangments can be discussed. directly with your trainer


How do I pay? Monthly in advance, cash or Direct debit/Standing order.


Do I have to sign a contract?  No.


Where can I find out more about CrossFit?  If you go to google and type in CrossFit there is a world of information out there.  One caveat though, less than 1% of CrossFitters partake in the CrossFit games, most of us are normal human beings who just want to be fitter and look better.  






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