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I have been attending CrossFit sessions at the Fitness Yard Kinsale for a number of months now and to say i am hooked is an understatement.


With the most amazing coaches who do everything they can to encourage, motivate and generally kick your ass, it is easy to stay motivated.


I love being part of the CrossFit community where everyone is so friendly and encouraging.  Ciaran, Cathy, JJ and Dave put their heart and soul into the place and do a brilliant job.  


CrossFit is not just about lifting weights or ever changing workouts.  It incorporates all different types of movements into one amazing workout.


I have made great friends, been inspired to change my eating habits, focused on good nutrition and been pushed to do things i never thought myself capable of doing..


Thanks Guys XXX





I started CrossFit based training just over a year ago and it was the best training decision i have ever made.


I joined CrossFit Kinsale a couple of months back and am really impressed with the gym and the training.  Traditionally i would have been a leisure centre guy, doing repetitions of "Curls for the Girls" and looking good without actually attaining any real strength or fitness.  Since starting CrossFit my fitness have improved dramatically and i am now stronger than i have ever been.


The reasons Crossfit Kinsale works is because


a. Each session is expertly coached so i have someone to motivate, push and correct me.  One hour three times a week is all i do but i can really see and feel the improvements


b.  Great bunch of members from all walks of life and varying fitness who suffer and improve together


c. Proven training method (CrossFit) that is internationally recognised and produces results


d.  Gym Ehtos is great,  work hard and enjoy yourself.


Get on it




I'll never forget how nervous I was attending my first CrossFit class over a year ago but I was welcomed and put at ease immediately and I've been hooked since.


Although I'm far from being the strongest, fittest or fastest person there (especially at the moment being 6 1/2 months pregnant with baby number 2), I'm so happy with what i have achieved as a result of my training over the past year.  The results, both pyhsically and mentally, have been life changing and i couldn't have done it without the motivation, encouragement and support of Ciaran and his amazing team of trainers at CrossFit Kinsale.


CrossFIt Kinsale is not your typical gym, its so much better.  With constant variety, personalised guidance, and like-minded, inspirational people.  I can't recommend it highly enough.  It's such an enjoyable and empowering experience.




Thanks so much for making us feel so welcome.  We are really enjoying the workouts and the CrossFit Kinsale community, we just may be hooked. Scott and I very much appreciate the care and effort you have shown our kids.  


You guys are putting good stuff into the world..thanks


The Griffin Family



WODS..Annies...AMRAPS...DBL Snatch...2011..Dbl unders...Spiderman...Thrusters...The foxtrot (Ooops..thats my dance class)..The Big Lizzie..


Its a whole new World and a whole new language and I am loving it.  Feeling good, healthy, strong as well as enjoying it all.  Great classes...good fun...lovely people...shocking music...I wouldnt change a thing


Love it all





Joining CrossFit Kinsale i have to say is one of the best decisions i have made for myself.  I really never imagined it could benefit me as much as it does both physcially  and mentally.  I love everything about the place from 


- Excellent coaching from our trainers

-Nutritional support

- The workouts (always different, sometimes they feel cruel but we all know the benefits)

-The time table

- The cost


Not to mention the craic :-) .  I never feel its like a chore to come to CrossFit.  


I just love this gym and can't imagine life without it ....




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